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Looking for a scratch card to buy? There's no need to go to the nearest ticket outlet or local convenience store to buy a scratch card. You can now do it online. Thanks to the power of internet technology, anyone can now buy online scratch cards from any location. All you have to do is sign-up for an online casino account and use your credits for an online scratch card to buy. The concept of the virtual scratch game is the same as a regular scratch card ticket. Using the latest Flash and Java technology, online casinos are able to render a virtual replica of the original scratch card. And just like the original game, all you have to do is simply scratch the tickets using your mouse to reveal the combinations in your card. If you have identical symbols, you instantly win the prize. Some online scratch games are even more exciting thanks to its interactive features where the player can communicate with other scratch card players through a live chat feature. Most online casinos also offer attractive promotions and bonuses to players who sign-up for an online casino account. These bonuses can be used for an online scratch card to buy. The winning combinations and prizes vary per online casino and the cost of the scratch cards varies from one online casino to another so be wise in choosing the online casino to play scratch games online from. The prizes may not be as extravagant as the other casino games but the chances of winning more than once per scratch card is higher. And best of all, the fun in knowing what's the surprise makes this card game more exciting!

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