The next big thing to hit online casinos is here, scratch cards games.

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Play exciting scratch cards games and we guarantee you will be entertained for a good number of hours. Scratch games are very easy to play and very easy to learn. There is no need for mathematical skills and strategies to play and win the game. It's a game of luck, sure, but it does bring hours of non stop fun.
Bets can go as low as a dollar in most sites, but the higher you bet, the bigger the prizes you can get. It's a great way for online casino beginners, and even for those who just want to spend some good time having fun online. Scratch cards games is a great way to practice your money management skills as well, as this game can get very addicting and managing your bankroll well is a must.
Today's scratch cards games are more fun to play compared to other game of chance like lottery of keno. Scratch cards have a variety of theme to choose from. Match up any 3 or 4 images on your card and you win an instant prize, depending on the value of your chosen card and the bet itself. Scratch games usually involve finding 3 identical images to win a prize. The online version of the game does not involve actual "scratching" but rather clicking on the block to reveal the image. This can also be done on autopilot but online casino lovers prefer to manually do the job. It adds to the excitement.

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